The Call to Love

– Wednesday 10th Week in Ordinary Time –

“Do not think that I have come to abolish the law or the prophets; I have come not to abolish but to fulfil.” [Matthew 5: 17]

In today’s scripture Jesus begins by announcing that his purpose is not to abolish the law or to criticise what the prophets proclaimed and taught. Jesus says that His intent is to fulfil the law. Jesus also emphasises that keeping the commandments is essential.

It is interesting then, that we also know that the Pharisees sought at every turn an opportunity to criticise and accuse Jesus of disobeying religious law. They were correct, in that Jesus did not always obey the law of the time – at least not to the degree which the Pharisees felt he should!

This raises the question then – was Jesus lying when he said that His purpose wasn’t to criticise or abolish the law? Or were the laws He was trying to obey and fulfil the most important in accordance to God’s will? Jesus lived to fully proclaim and fulfil the commandments, particularly love for God and love for neighbour as yourself.

In this situation the leading Pharisees were not able to recognise and listen to the Son of God who was with them personally. It brings to mind a question of reflection – when was the last time I tried to listen to God and His commandments to love instead of taking comfort in what I know, and listening to myself?

by Melinda Zakikhani

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