– Wednesday Week 9 of Ordinary Time –

‘You are quite wrong.’ [Mark 12:27]

The art of debating requires a quick wit, clarity of thought, sound understanding of the point being debated and the ability to express thoughts and ideas. 

When we read the gospel for today, we have a master class in all of the above skills. Only the message of the gospel is far more important than a topic for a debate. Those gathered around Jesus were only interested in setting a trap, in scoring points.

Jesus’ response helped to open their minds to the reality of the God’s ever living presence in the lives of all who believe. How often do we limit our understanding of things new and different, to what we cling to from the past? 

The statement “you are quite wrong’ is the challenge for us to see with new eyes and open our hearts to the truth of the message of Jesus. So the ‘clever’ question of the Sadducees backfired on them because the master teacher, Jesus, undercut the premise from which they started ‘God is a God of the Living not of the dead’.


by Sr Anne Surtees osu

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