Listening to God

– Wednesday 22nd Week in Ordinary Time –

“Now Simon’s mother-in-law was suffering from a high fever, and they asked him about her.”  [Luke 4:38]

As a seminarian, and getting into the later stages of this initial training, I have become aware of the busy and full nature of the priesthood. I am also fully aware that it is not just priests but the entire people of God who are extremely busy. Sometimes life just seems to get the better of us and we are just running from one thing to another.

I have often felt like this in my personal prayer life as well. Between the many tasks of my day, I often get just enough time to pray a Rosary or do the Divine Office. Sometimes it feels like I am just squeezing God into my schedule and when I do, I speak at God the whole time and then leave. If prayer is communicating with God and a way that we can enter into relationship with God, then surely there is more to this relationship than just talking at God. The conversation must go both ways.

In today’s Gospel, there is a beautiful encounter between Jesus, his companions, Simon, and his mother-in-law. Scripture tells us that “they asked him about her.” Meaning, there was a two-way conversation. Jesus was asked a question and He listened to her need.

Amidst this crazy, busy, and beautiful world that we live in today we are being called to imitate Christ. Today we are shown how Jesus stopped and listened. When was the last time that you just stopped and listened to what the Lord is saying?


by Isaac Falzon

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