Truth Is A Person

– Wednesday 6th Week of Easter –

“I still have many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now.” [John 16:12-15]

As Christians, we do a lot of waiting and preparing. We spend Advent waiting for the birth of our Saviour; we spend Lent preparing for Good Friday and then shortly after, Easter Sunday. Then, we spend this season of Easter celebrating and preparing for ‘the Spirit of truth’ to come at Pentecost.

Our world has an interesting relationship with truth. On the one hand there is a movement proclaiming that there is no absolute truth. On the other hand, our society is becoming more and more polarized and ‘absolute’ in its sharing of opinions. Even within the Church, we can at times, hold fast to personal preference with a similar sense of ‘absolutism.’

Jesus, in his wisdom and understanding of who we are, knows that we cannot absorb all that he could offer us at once. So, he signposts that there is more, and that he will send the Spirit of Truth to guide us into understanding that ‘more.’ We are invited to welcome the Holy Spirit, who when we engage with him in a spirit of discernment, will guide us into deeper understanding of truth. The truth the Spirit takes us to is much bigger than knowing the answer to the ‘hard hitting’ questions.  This truth is about deeper knowledge of the person who is Truth, Jesus Christ.  

by Madelene Wilson

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