Wednesday 21st October

29th Week in Ordinary Time

From everyone to whom much has been given, much will be required; and from the one to whom much has been entrusted, even more will be demanded.  [Luke 12:48]

This text from Luke at the end of a passage from Jesus speaking about faithful and unfaithful servants prompted me to examine the many gifts I have been blessed to receive, the many things that have been entrusted to me, and to ponder whether I have been a faithful or careless steward of the God-given treasures lavished on me.  I began to think about the season of Spring, begun in September, and the profusion of colour that has suddenly appeared everywhere in our suburban gardens and on roadsides.  What was, for most of the year, an unremarkable green has blossomed into cascades of reds, golds, purples and lavenders.  My ears are assaulted with birdsong and calls and chirps and buzzes from busy insects.  Butterflies flutter by, dancing from fragrant blossom to fragrant blossom.

What might a faithful servant do with all these riches, I asked myself?  I slowed down and spent quiet time in my garden, I watered my orchids and they rewarded me with magnificent blooms, I sniffed the lavender while bees went about their honey-making business. I walked on purple carpets and under purple canopies and breathed deeply of clean air and sweet scents.  I tried to appreciate each spectacle and thank the God of creation for all that was invading my senses.  I resolved to do what I could to alleviate the suffering of those denied such riches through no fault of their own, who, by an accident of birth, suffer poverty, malnutrition, sickness, wars and violence, and who struggle for survival on a daily basis.  I have the means to make someone’s life a little better and I determined to give my time and treasure to bring this about through the mission arms of our church, Catholic Mission and Caritas.

I am a privileged member of the human family and therefore much will be required of me. I have been entrusted with faith in Jesus Christ, good and loving family upbringing, education, employment and these all bring further riches and privilege.  How do I pass on the richness of the Christian faith and my Catholic tradition to the next generation?  I remember reading once that Christianity is only one generation from extinction – the writer went on to say – it always has been.  Christianity has always relied on this generation passing on the faith to the next.  May we all be faithful stewards of our riches and be worthy of the trust that has been bestowed on us.

By Carole Danby

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