A Lesson in Love

– Wednesday of the 16th Week in Ordinary Time –

“A Sower went out to sow” [Mt 13:3]

Today’s gospel is a beautiful reminder of God’s unwavering love for us. For years I interpreted this parable as a lesson on how my heart should be – open and receptive to the Word of God. While that remains true, this parable is much more than a lesson on the environment of our hearts; it is a lesson in love, specifically, the unsparing, unconditional love of the Sower (God).

I have been the rocky ground, I have been a bed of thorns, and I have been the good soil; and through it all – the Sower never ignored me. He never deemed me unreachable, or unworthy of His time, instead in every season He saw me and He loved me.

Typically speaking, people who sow seed don’t go out of their way to sow where there will be no reward. Instead, they are careful and intentional, ensuring that their seed does not go to waste. Today we come face-to-face with an extraordinary gardener, who doesn’t just plant where there is the promise of growth; he also allows seed to fall in seemingly impractical places. God is a “reckless” gardener, generous beyond compare. He has no thoughts of waste or apprehension – instead He loves abundantly and freely. God is a good gardener and if we are even slightly receptive to His word, He can work with that; He can cultivate our hearts into beautiful living gardens.

My hope for us today is that we would simply soak in God’s generosity and thank Him for always choosing us.

by Anne-Marie Williams

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