Rejoicing in the Growth of Others

– Wednesday, 4th Week in Ordinary Time –

Is not this the carpenter, the son of Mary.”  [Mark 6:3]

Jesus’ neighbours cannot reconcile the wisdom and power he exercises in his teaching in their synagogue with their own perception of Jesus, the carpenter, who has grown up amongst them. Is this the tall poppy syndrome raising its ugly head in their midst?  

Something was radically different about Jesus, and the townspeople of Nazareth found it hard to accept that one of their own could now teach with power and authority and heal the sick. Their inability to acknowledge Jesus as a prophet limits Jesus, for ‘he could do no deed of power there’.(Mark 6:5)  

We, too, can be blinded by our expectations of others, failing to recognise a person’s capacity to grow and develop new skills and talents. This is especially true in our families, where we tend to see family members as we have always known and perceived them rather than affirming their emerging giftedness.  

Surely, they and we should rejoice that Jesus has moved beyond our expectations and now demonstrates the fullness of his personhood. Yet often, we find it hard to change our thinking. 

Jesus, open our hearts to those around us so that we can see them as you see them, full of amazing wisdom, goodness and power. Amen.   


by Mike Humphrys 

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