A Generous God

– Wednesday 20th Week in Ordinary Time –

“Are you envious because I am generous?” [Matthew 20:15]

As people our natural and ingrained beliefs about justice and what is fair come to the fore when reading the parable of the Labourers in the Vineyard. Most of us would like to think that, were we those who worked for the full day we would contently accept our pay and not be jealous of the generosity shown to others. But would we truly? I, at least, would probably grumble in my heart.

Yet, what a celebration of God’s grace we read in this Gospel!

This Gospel is far less about the workers than it is about the landowner. So too, grace is far less about us than it is about He who gives grace. In the economy of grace, God does not deal with us according to who we are, but rather who He is. He is kind, generous, loving, compassionate and just.

Living under God’s grace is a unique position. By submitting ourselves to the laws of grace we can no longer think in terms of what we deserve but rather, we are called to grow in our understanding that ‘all is grace.’ In every situation and circumstance, we have the opportunity to exercise gratitude for the gift of grace outpoured upon us by God.

Perhaps today we can consider, what have I received from the hands of my generous God?


by Madelene Wilson

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