The things of God

– Tuesday of the 32nd Week of Ordinary time –

Stop making my Father’s house a market-place! [John 2:16]

Today’s gospel draws a very clear distinction between the things of God and God himself.

Born out of centuries of practice and tradition, the temple is filled with the things observant Jews would need for their worship in the temple – things that God, through the law and the prophets, has commanded them to do.  Why? Because for centuries God has been drawing them into relationship with himself teaching them to be his people.  Yet, on this day as Jesus enters the temple, he finds a people who have been distracted from their relationship with God.  He finds a ‘marketplace’ where the things of God that are traded and sold have become the focus.

How often are we like these people?  There are so many things about the practice of our faith as Catholics that can, too easily, become a greater focus than God and the relationship he is calling us into.  Many of them are good things, but they are the things of God, not God himself.

Today, let’s make God our focus.  Let our time, our energy, our thoughts and conversations be orientated to him and the amazing relationship into which he is drawing us!

By Chantale Wilson

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