Seeing Things With the Eyes of Love

– Feast of St. John –

“Then the other disciple, who reached the tomb first, also went in, and he saw and believed.”  [John 20:8]

John, the author of the fourth gospel, describes himself as ‘the one whom Jesus loved’ (John 20:2). As the Apostle who is often depicted in paintings lying with his head on Jesus’ heart, John sees Jesus with the eyes of love leading him first to recognise that Jesus has risen at the tomb.

When we love someone, we believe the best in them and view them, some would say, with rose-coloured glasses. Most of us have experienced the power of the loving eyes of a grandparent, a friend, a teacher, a mentor or even a chance acquaintance whose look of love has pierced deeply into our being and affirmed us as a person of value. Like John, let us proclaim that each of us is ‘the one whom Jesus loved.’

 John’s writings declare that Jesus is the Word become Flesh (Ch 1), the Bread of Life (Ch 6), the Light of the World (Ch 8), the Good Shepherd and the Gate (Ch 10), the Resurrection and the Life (Ch 11), the Way, the Truth and the Life (Ch 14), the Vine (Ch 15).

Take some time today to reflect on an image/title of Jesus from John’s writings and explore how Jesus has impacted your life through this prism.


By Mike Humphrys

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