We Are Never The Same

– 30th Week in Ordinary Time –

“It is like yeast that a woman took and mixed in with three measures of flour until all of it was leavened.” [Luke 13:21]

Today’s Gospel reveals how the Kingdom of God wants to come into the totality of our lives and realities. God wants us to be forever changed and transformed. This is precisely what an encounter with the God’s mercy and wonder can do for our lives.

  The yeast is mixed into the dough until it is wholly leavened. Once leavened, it cannot be returned to its former state of flour. Once the Kingdom of God, in all its mercy, has entered our lives, we are never the same. This remains true even when we slip into old ways.  

In the image of the mustard seed, which grows into a powerful and large tree, we see that this change and renewal in Christ Jesus is a long process which involves repeated incremental change throughout the meta process of transformation. We need to be continually transformed by opening our hearts to the process of transformation and purification in Christ Jesus, docile to His work.  

These two images in today’s Gospel fall short of telling us what the kingdom of God is but rather are pointers to what it is like. The Kingdom of God is always more than we can conceive of or understand. Jesus gives us these metaphors to help us grasp a little of the mystery of God’s Kingdom. 


By Georgina Devenish-Meares

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