Radical Receptivity

– Thursday of the Fourth Week of Easter –

“Very truly, I tell you, whoever receives one whom I send receives me; and whoever receives me receives him who sent me.” [John 13:20]

Have you ever had someone wash your feet? I recall a few years ago, being asked to join a number of fellow parishioners to have our feet washed as part of the Maundy Thursday liturgy.  ‘No problems’, I thought, ‘it can’t be harder than proclaiming a second reading or taking up the offertory, right’? Wrong! As my turn drew closer, my mind began to swim with at least a dozen other ways I would rather have participated in the celebration that night!  Receiving can be hard, even vulnerable.

In the Gospel today, the disciples have just found themselves on the receiving end of Jesus’ love and mercy as he washes their feet.  It’s a foretaste of the extraordinary life and love, he is pouring out through his life, death and resurrection.  It’s a life and love that they will eventually be sent to share, just as Jesus has shown them, but first it’s their turn. 

Here, we have yet another invitation to open our hearts and lives to receive all that Jesus has to give.  Will you let Jesus love you anew today?  Not only for your own sake, but also for all those who in turn will encounter the love of Christ through you?

Jesus, I respond to your invitation today.  I open my heart to encounter you anew. Please fill me with your love so that I may walk in your ways and share your love with others. Amen.

by Chantale Wilson

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