Spectator or follower?

– Thursday of the 25th Week in Ordinary Time –

Now Herod the ruler … was perplexed, because it was said by some [regarding Jesus] that John had been raised from the dead, by some that Elijah had appeared, and by others that one of the ancient prophets had arisen. Herod said, “John I beheaded; but who is this about whom I hear such things?” And he tried to see him. [Luke 9:7-9]

In today’s gospel, Herod is curious about Jesus and wants to know more. This episode raises questions for us: Do our questions about Jesus also come from curiosity, or from a place of real longing to know Him? Are our opinions about people or situations based on the truth, or are they simply drawn from the crowd around us? Do we swim against the tide, or do we ride the waves of popular opinion?

Seeking the truth is demanding and requires a good dose of the spirit of poverty: “Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of God.” We have to ask God to put this spirit of poverty within us so that all of our intellectual searches might be guided by His Holy Spirit.

Pride, which is the exact opposite of this spirit of poverty, can make us intolerable and impossible to deal with.  Pride causes us to put our opinions and ourselves above all others. Let us beg the Holy Spirit to place the poverty and humility of Christ’s heart into our own, so that all of our questions and all of our learning might never be obstacles to the Truth that is Jesus.

Let us seek first the glory of God and the truth about him, and about others, above all else.

by a Sister of Mary, Morning Star

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