Seeking the Ways of God

– Thursday 6th Week in Ordinary Time –

“You are setting your mind not on divine things but on human things.”  [Mark 8:33]

“Who do you say I am?” This question is at the very heart of our response to the Gospel.  In this passage Peter receives the revelation of the Father and speaks the truth but this does not mean he has all the answers.  Jesus speaks openly about what he will have to suffer and his disciples don’t understand.  Peter rebukes Jesus and is told, in no uncertain terms, that he is setting his mind on human things and not on the divine.

Their human understanding and desire was that Jesus would set them free from their human sufferings and come in glory and victory but Jesus was first the suffering servant.   A King yes, but one who laid down his life that we might know life to the full. 

Who do we say Jesus is? How has the Gospel captured our hearts and what human agendas do we still hold on to? Do we allow Jesus to challenge our ideas?  Do we partner with Jesus to reach the lost and those who have faced injustice?  Do we expect that our yes to the Gospel will save us from suffering in our own lives or do we, like Jesus, set our hearts on a heavenly hope?

Jesus, open my heart today to the truth of who you are.  Open my mind to your divine will so that I might be free of thought patterns that seek glory when you call me to humility, freedom from trial when you call me to embrace both your life and your death.  Help me to go lower, to serve as you did unafraid of where it will take me.  Amen


by Christine Da Costa

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