She Believed

– Monday of the 8th Week in Ordinary Time (Solemnity of Our Lady Help of Christians) –

“Yes, blessed is she who believed that the promise made her by the Lord would be fulfilled.” [Luke 1:45]

On the solemnity of Our Lady Help of Christians, we are challenged to reflect on Mary’s extraordinary trust and belief. Mary, an ordinary young woman who lived a quiet life, received a visit from the angel Gabriel who declared that she had found favour with God, and that through her, the stunning plan of redemption would occur.

Mary, troubled at first and not quite understanding how it would all work, chose to trust in God; she chose to believe what God told her. While visiting her cousin, both Mary and Elizabeth shared their belief and revelled in the way God had moved in their lives. Elizabeth praised Mary with the words: “Of all women you are the most blessed, and blessed is the fruit of your womb” (Luke 1:42).

Mary was blessed because she trusted God. She was blessed because she had faith in his word. She was blessed because she believed that which was spoken to her by the angel would be fulfilled. She had faith without seeing and she lived this faith throughout her whole life. She stood at the foot of the Cross, heartbroken but trusting that God would fulfil his promises even though everything seemed to be ending in disaster.

So let us look to Mary’s example. While belief in God’s promises may be hard, especially in the face of adversity and uncertainty, let us be like Mary. Let us pray to have belief that is daring, trust that is knowing. Let us know that God is a God of promise, of faithfulness, of infinite loyalty and love. Let us believe, as Mary did and let us revel in the way God is moving in our lives.

by Lisa McKerr

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