Cultivating A Heart Of Humility

– Saturday 30th Week in Ordinary Time –

For all who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.”  [Luke 14:11]

My wife and I had three wedding receptions: Brisbane, South Australia, and the USA where I am from. At each, we had to decide who we wanted sitting right next to us during the dinner.  With over 30 people in our immediate family, it was difficult to choose just a few family members or friends. We love them all so much.  

When I read today’s Gospel, I imagine a distant friend or relative assuming the seat of my brother, the best man. I don’t think I would be annoyed at all; and I wouldn’t want them to be embarrassed, but I would have to ask them to move.   

Today’s Gospel is one of those Gospels where Jesus is trying to uproot an attitude in us. It is not “sinful” per se, to assume the first seat at a meal, but it is an attitude of self-exaltation. And out of love, Jesus encourages us to uproot pride within us: our desire to be distinguished above others. He knows that we were made for belonging and acceptance, but he knows that when we try and satisfy these urges through selfish methods, it can lead to the exact opposite: isolation, exclusion and embarrassment.   

What mentalities do we have that harm us? What attitudes do we hold that make us feel we are above others in any way; we know more, we are more skilled, more intelligent, or more competent. Jesus reminds us that holiness and interior freedom come from humility of heart. Let’s pray for that today.  


by David Kruse

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