Finding Jesus

– Saturday Week 2 of Easter –

“It is I. Do not be afraid.” [John 6:20]

Have you ever been lost physically or emotionally?  Whilst in the throws of panic, we are usually hoping to be reunited with something or someone.  In today’s Gospel, the disciples, after the feeding of the five thousand are waiting for Jesus, who has chosen to step away from the crowds to recollect himself.  In this moment, the disciples are not sure where he has gone.  They are perhaps trying to find him or perhaps continue the journey of ministry with or without him.

Whatever the motive, they push ahead into a tempest.  Suddenly, Jesus appears and is walking on water.  They are naturally petrified.  This is probably the first time that they have seen their Master appear in this way – in a supernatural and divine way!!

Before their fear truly takes hold, he reminds them, it is me, Jesus, your Rabbi, your teacher, the one who has called you to be fishers of men.  In that moment, each of them might have recalled their experiences of Jesus.  They remember how he has just miraculously fed a multitude of people from five loaves and two fish. 

He has just taught them an important lesson.  Like the disciples, we must learn to draw on our relationship with God when life’s path does not seem clear or we are feeling lost. When we have the inclination to go our own way, stop and look for God.

Today friends, I invite you when the way is hidden from you or Jesus doesn’t seem to be as close, imagine him speaking to you across the turbulent or murky waters “It is I. Do not be afraid”.


by Fr Neville Yun

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