Shining My Light On Injustice

– Memorial of St Bernard –

 “The greatest among you will be your servant.” [Matthew 23:11]

As I reflect on what Jesus said to his disciples in this reading I consider how his words impact my actions in contemporary Australian society as a First Nations person as we crave for recognition and respect; to be seen and engaged as an equal in a secular society that is often racist and patronising. 

So, in wanting to be seen, and demanding to be treated as equal, am I exalting myself in God’s eyes?  How do I follow God’s plan and humble myself to remain vulnerable – do I remain silent and let God’s plan unfold or should I shine my light on injustice by bringing forth my voice to challenge racism or patronising behaviour?

The constant challenge for me, is recognising the Christ in others whilst asking for God’s guidance to bring their hurtful behaviour to their attention.  Sometimes, I leave it to God’s grace, but when the pain is so hurtful – the courage and commitment to step up and create an opportunity for an individual to change their behaviour is overwhelming.  To have a voice and be a witness to God’s love is the most humbling experience and behaviour I can espouse.

May God continue to guide and bless us on our continuing journey of faith.


by Cynthia Rowan

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