Do all Things with Love

– Saturday, Week 7 of Easter –

“Peter turned and saw the disciple whom Jesus loved following them.” (John 21:20)

In today’s Gospel, Peter turns to see ‘the disciple whom Jesus loved following them’.  One wonders how Peter felt about John.  Was he jealous?  Did he harbour desires to have the same close relationship with Jesus as John did?  Could he recognise his own gifts?  Or was Peter comfortable enough in his own skin, secure enough in his own relationship with Jesus?

We’ve all been like Peter at some point in our lives.  Consider this: have you ever been envious of someone who appeared to have everyone’s love and admiration?  Have there ever been moments when you wished you had a friend’s or sibling’s skills and abilities?  I believe that most of us have had these times!  These emotions are typical and natural.  But if we don’t learn how to control these feelings, they will start to control us.

Peter asks Jesus a question about John to which Jesus challenges Peter: ‘What is that to you?’ (John 21:22) Whenever I’ve heard those words, they’ve always sounded very harsh to me!  Perhaps the tone of Jesus’ voice was different, kind and yet firm when he spoke these words to Peter.  I wonder if Peter was able to hear the love and concern in Jesus’ voice or did he only hear the reprimand?

Whilst Peter is challenged in this story, there is also a challenge for Jesus; that in reprimanding Peter he does not alienate Peter at the same time.  It is a fine line indeed.  It’s a line well known to every parent, every teacher and every person who works with children and teenagers.

The invitation today is echoed in Paul’s writing ‘Let all you do be done in love. (1 Corinthians 16:14)

By Liz Wiemers sgs

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