A Glimpse of the Resurrection

– Saturday 6th Week in Ordinary Time –

“And he was transfigured before them and his clothes became dazzling white”  [Mark 9:2-3]

For the disciples, especially Peter, whose recent confession of a strong and triumphant Messiah is put into crisis, their hopes and dreams are shattered, that Jesus whom they believed would herald a new kingdom, is to be killed like the worst of wrongdoers. With these concerns in their hearts, Peter, James, and John follow Jesus up the mountain, where He is transfigured before them.

“His face radiant and his garments glistening, providing a preview of his image as the Risen One, offer to those frightened men the light to pass through the shadows.” When we face seemingly endless trials, we need another point of view: “a light which illuminates in depth the mystery of life and helps us to move beyond our frame of mind and the criteria of this world.” (Pope Francis at the Angelus 28 Feb 2021)

We too are called to climb the mountain with Jesus to have our lives illuminated by the glory of the resurrection and then to return to our everyday lives buoyed by the hope that while we too will experience trials and suffering, but that ultimately, like Jesus, we will be transfigured into heavenly bodies (Philippians 3:21).

Today let us spend time on the mountain with Jesus and open our hearts to receive the radiance of God’s love to sustain us for the journey that lies before us.


by Mike Humphrys

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