Listen For A Whisper

– Memorial of St Teresa of Jesus –

“For the Holy Spirit will teach you at that very hour what you ought to say’ .”  [Luke 12:12]

This gospel is a pretty blatant challenge by Jesus, with the consequences of not obeying spelled out in no uncertain terms.  But Jesus gives us advice to help us when we are being persecuted, “for the Holy Spirit will teach you at that very hour what you ought to say”.  But to hear what the Holy Spirit has to say, we need to be listening. I am convinced that the Holy Spirit does not yell but rather whispers, so we need to take time to be quiet so we can hear what wisdom is offered.

Today is the feast of St Teresa of Avila.  She was a listener. Truly one of the best! Her story is a crazy one of ups and downs, trying so very hard to listen to God despite so many others trying to tell her not to, or that what she was hearing was rubbish and not of God at all.  Time and time again she heard God, and when trying to do what God had told her to do, was ridiculed and persecuted.  But she persisted, despite condemnation from others, rejection and her own physical limitations.  She knew that spending time listening was the only way to know Jesus. 

May we take time today to listen.  For a whisper.  For if we are to be brave and bold and proclaim Jesus, we need the words. Let us listen for them.


by Kath Gilmore

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