Asking for Power to do Good

– Saturday, Week 6 of Easter –

‘Ask and you will receive, so that your joy may be complete.’ (John 16:24)

During Eastertide, we have been journeying with texts from the Gospel of John and accounts of what is happening in the early Church through the Acts of the Apostles. In John’s passages, the focus has been on preparing the disciples for their mission, following Jesus’ death, resurrection and return to the Father. Here the message has been to sow into their hearts and ours, that even though Jesus is no longer with them physically, he will send the Advocate, the Holy Spirit, to guide, console, empower and accompany them as they preach the Good News to all creation.

In Acts, there is clear evidence that they have taken up their mission and rely on the Holy Spirit to witness to the power of the risen Christ to save us and bring joy and love into our lives. The apostles, and ourselves, faced with persecution, ridicule and disinterest, need to draw upon the power of God’s Word to turn the human heart back to God, who alone can draw us into the great mystery of God’s eternal and loving presence.

A lesson from today’s Gospel, essential if we are to be effective agents of the Gospel, is to ask the Father for whatever we need. We often reduce this to asking God for our material needs and wants, but Jesus, has in mind, that we ask for the power of the Holy Spirit to do mighty deeds in the hearts and lives of our family, friends, work colleagues and those we encounter, by bringing God’s love to birth in their lives. Isn’t this power source amazing? So, why don’t we harness it daily by asking God for what we need to bring joy, love, peace and goodness to our troubled world?  

By Mike Humphrys

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