Authentically Giving

– Saturday Week 9 of Ordinary Time –

“Truly, I tell you, this poor widow has put in more than all those who are contributing to the treasury.” [Mark 12:43]

Jesus warns the crowd about the scribes who seek recognition for their religious acts while lacking true devotion. He contrasts their actions against the offering of a poor widow, whose small gift holds greater significance.

In today’s world, we are often driven by the desire for material possessions and worldly achievements. We admire those who are successful, influential, and wealthy. Jesus directs our attention to the widow’s offering, showing us that the value of our gifts is not determined by their monetary worth. It is the spirit behind our giving that truly matters.

The widow’s two small coins may have seemed insignificant, but Jesus saw her faith and willingness to give sacrificially. She trusted in God’s provision, even in her poverty. Her offering teaches us that genuine devotion and selflessness outweigh grand gestures made for the sake of perception.

It makes me question how I approach my faith and acts of giving. Am I driven by the desire for recognition, or do I give from a sincere place of love and devotion to God? Am I willing to give sacrificially, trusting that God will provide for my needs?

We have countless opportunities to emulate the widow’s example. We can give of our time and resources to help those in need, showing kindness and compassion to the marginalised. We can use our talents to bring joy and healing to others. By doing these things, we embody the spirit of true discipleship and selfless love. In our giving, aim to prioritise love and sacrificial generosity, trusting in God’s provision.

Jesus, we pray that your blessings flow abundantly as we seek to embrace a life of authentic discipleship and selfless love. Amen


by Nick Kelly

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