The mission of Evangelisation Brisbane is to work with, inspire and empower parishes and communities to encounter Jesus and live the joy of the gospel.


Evangelisation Brisbane has a vision to see the Catholic Church become a home for every generation. We envisage a Church that welcomes and engages children in such a way that they love to attend and ask their parents to take them; a Church where teenagers find purpose and meaning as they encounter truth, beauty, and goodness; a Church where young adults not only continue to practise their faith, but develop it and are empowered to lead and minister; a Church where adults do not merely attend, but continue to deepen their faith and become missionary disciples; a Church where families find such welcome, love, and support that Church becomes an extension of their family; a Church that reaches beyond its own walls in working towards justice and peace in our world, and building relationships with other Christian traditions, other religious traditions, and with government; we envisage a Church where every person is loved, welcomed, and transformed as they encounter Jesus, and encounter those who walk in his footsteps.


  • CHRIST-CENTRED mission-oriented, faith-filled, intentional
  • AUTHENTIC respectful, transparent, honest
  • INCLUSIVE accompanying, compassionate, relational
  • INNOVATIVE excellent, creative, solutions-focused
  • JOYFUL energetic, positive, fun
  • HUMBLE always learning, listening, service

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