Unwavering Faith

– Solemnity of Saint Mary of the Cross –

“Therefore do not worry, saying, ‘What will we eat?’ or ‘What will we drink?’ or ‘What will we wear?’ ”  [Matthew 6:25-34]

As someone who has been known to worry, today’s gospel really speaks to me.  Worry also seems to be a problem many of us have.  The scripture today reminds us to look to Jesus rather than worry about the things of this world. We can take comfort from Jesus’ assurance that he knows all that we need and will be with us in all situations.  We are told not to worry, instead to keep our hearts and mind on God’s kingdom.

Today is also the feast day of Australia’s first Saint, Mary Mackillop. An extraordinary woman who was a true witness of someone who kept her heart and mind on God and allowed herself to be transformed by God’s love.

Mary was committed to responding to those who struggled in life. She saw the risen Christ in the face of all she met including the poor, the weak and those in need. She assisted the voiceless in finding their voice. Throughout Mary’s life, she displayed the most extraordinary trust in God, especially in times of trial.  During her time of being excommunicated, Mary wrote. ‘I shall never forget the sensation of God’s calm, beautiful presence.’ The excommunication was eventually lifted. 

Mary’s life was difficult, and she experienced trials that should have broken her.  However, Mary’s unwavering faith allowed God to work extraordinary things through her. Mary Mackillop had a heart that blazed in trust and was a powerful witness of hope and action.

Mary of the Cross, pray for us.


by Lisa McKerr

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