Mary Our Mother

– The Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of the Church   –

Then he said to the disciple, “Here is your mother.” [John 19:27]

Imagine Jesus crucified on the cross, humiliated in front of thousands of people, put on display for crowds to mock. Imagine what must be going through His mind with His friends, followers, and even His own mother there with him. In the moment of such pain and anguish, He could have held on to the one person who loved Him best, the one person who knew Him better than anyone else, His Mother.

But what does He do? With these last words, “women, here is your son” and “Son, here is your mother” Jesus entrusted Mary to His beloved disciple. And who is His beloved disciple if not you and me? John, stands for all of us and calls us to take Mary into the room of our hearts. Jesus, through these incredible actions, proves that the best gifts can be given in the worst circumstances.

The Church’s devotion to our lady is a beautiful gift that we can be proud of. We celebrate and honour her. She is the model of what our vocations should look like; to bring forth God’s love to the world. Mary praying with the whole Church, as she did at Pentecost, can be a model for you and me. We ask for her intercessory prayer so that we may have the desire to do God’s will and the courage to say Yes when he calls.

Mary Mother of the Church, Pray for us


Written By Cosme Cham

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