Jesus, I Trust In You

– Monday 14th Week in Ordinary Time –

“Take heart; your faith has made you well ”  [Matthew 9:22]

The miracles performed by Jesus in the Gospel reading today are responses to the faith of the one who believes all things are possible with God. Jewish law considers the woman suffering from a haemorrhage as physically and spiritually unclean. By law, Jesus would have been made uncleaned through the women’s contact. However, Jesus, who is above all things, who has authority over all-natural and supernatural law, gives to the women healing and restoration instead of being contaminated himself. What Jesus imparts to her is the transformation of her body and soul. 

This is the kind of relationship Jesus wants with us. A deep trust and a faith that has no borders. Sometimes we feel outside God’s love; we look at His holiness and see ourselves as unworthy of his attention. Afraid that our touch, our weaknesses can affect His love for us. How wrong can we be? The God who created the world became one of us so that we may be brought back to life and restored as beloved sons and daughters of God.   

Let’s learn from the woman in the Gospel reading to always have faith in Jesus. He will always hear and understand the wishes and prayers of our hearts, and He will save us from any of our distress. We should never be afraid of reaching out to our saviour for help because He is always there for us.



by Cosme Cham

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