Nothing can separate us

– Memorial of Saint John Bosco –

“Go home to your own people and tell them how much the Lord has done for you, and how he has had mercy on you.” Mark 5:19

The story is strange and disturbing, but the message is wonderful and comforting. It is a story of God at work in a situation of pain and suffering and in a circumstance where evil seems to have won. Once we look at it from this point of view, we can see that this strange story has something to say about how God can work in our own lives too and in a world that at times seems to have lost its way.

We hear of a violent man possessed by a legion of demons. He was found wandering among the tombs and howling in the night – alone and in some distress. It was here he encountered Jesus. What happens next isn’t pleasant, and it is a little confusing. However, what is clear is that Jesus is in charge.

This very graphic story demonstrates the calm power and mercy of Jesus, who is able to heal and transform those things that appear to be beyond us. Not even this extreme situation can separate us from the healing love and mercy of God. No circumstance is beyond the reach of Jesus’ transforming power and love.

Once healed, Jesus gives the man a mission– to go home and tell everyone what a great thing God did for him. This is a mission in which we all share – you and I are invited to witness to the love of Jesus in our lives. Through our baptism, are called to proclaim the presence of God in all we say and do. 

As we begin our series of daily reflections for the year, let’s keep in mind that Jesus offers to be with us through the ups and downs of whatever comes our way.

By Lisa McKerr

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