My loaves and fish

– Monday of the 18th Week in Ordinary Time –

“We have nothing here but five loaves and two fish.” [Mt 14:17]

The gospel today tells of the multiplication of loaves in a deserted place.

We see Jesus and the disciples responding very differently to the crowd being hungry because they see matters differently. The disciples want those in the crowd to fend for themselves because there was “nothing to eat bit five loaves and two fish.” Jesus, however, finds in this situation a teaching opportunity.  He urges the disciples to sit down and trust.  It was here that Jesus takes what little food there is and makes it more than enough to feed five thousand. 

It’s important to remember that Jesus did not create the loaves and the fish out of nothing.  He used what the disciples had brought to him, namely, “five loaves and two fish.”  Jesus took the bread and fish and multiplied it beyond the disciple’s imagination. Jesus will do the same with our offerings – we just need to bring the fish and the loaves to him.

We should therefore ask ourselves each day “What do I bring to Jesus? Do I bring my gifts, my prayers, fears, sufferings and joy to Jesus?” These are our loaves and fish. Pope Francis states that “This is how God loves to act: He does great things, starting from those small things, those freely-given [gifts].”

by Lisa McKerr

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