Opening closed eyes and hearts

– 30th Week in Ordinary Time –

And he sighed deeply in his spirit [Mark 8:12]

The Pharisees’ demand for a sign in today’s gospel understandably causes Jesus to sigh deeply.

In Mark’s Gospel, we have recently read that Jesus had healed a deaf man, healed the Syrophoenician woman’s child, as well as healing countless people in a crowd who could only barely manage to touch his cloak!

With such power manifesting itself in such bold ways, what more of a sign could Jesus give to show the Pharisees that he was the true Messiah?

What Jesus shows us here is that there is a deep sadness when someone chooses to not be open to the life, healing and salvation that is on offer to them through Christ.

God gives each person free will and this gift means that we will never be forced to have faith. This freedom is something which is given to every individual who has ever walked this earth. It is always necessary for us, as human beings, to choose to accept God’s love, no matter who we are.

We pray today for those that we know and love, who have chosen to have a hardness of heart towards Jesus. Knowing that Jesus can do amazing things, we ask for the Holy Spirit to come and soften the hearts of these deeply loved and cherished children of God.  May they have eyes to see the wonders God has done for them.

By Melissa Ledwich

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