The vision for the Inclusion initiative is that every person from every ‘tribe and nation’ and from every perspective, situation and orientation is welcomed, included and represented in the Catholic Church.

This means developing intentional pathways of inclusion that invite people from all walks of life to journey toward the Eucharistic centre, and for those that don’t wish to walk this journey, we are intentional about listening and understanding their story so they know that they are loved and valued.

We invite you to join with us in creating an inviting, inclusive church by engaging with the projects and initiatives we have on offer.


Join the Inclusion and Community Life Network

If you’d like to be part of a network of people who are passionate about creating a more inclusive church community, you’re invited to join the Inclusion & Community Life Network (ICLN).

The ICLN is for parishes, faith communities and interested individuals to participate in networking events, access professional development resources, and receive one-to-one support.

Projects and initiatives to support
your faith community

Inclusion should be the first ‘rock’ on which to build our house

Pope Francis, Fratelli Tutti

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We are One Body

We Are One Body provides guidance for pastoral action for all Catholics in the Archdiocese of Brisbane in light of the multicultural reality of our local Church.

We Are One Body provides guidelines for, and will be particularly helpful to, those who are formally involved in the pastoral care of migrants, refugees and people on the move in our multicultural communities.

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Confidence and Capacity

This resource book was written in 2003 to assist faith communities to reflect on their capacity to be communities in which people with disability are integral members.

It is designed to build confidence in individuals and communities to develop the necessary actions that ensure that people with disability have every opportunity for full participation in their faith community.

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Faith & Food : A Religious Guide to Dietary Requirements

The Queensland Faith Communities Council (QFCC) celebrates our wonderful and ever growing diversity and encourages all in the Sunshine State to build strong, respectful and inclusive communities. One very enjoyable way of doing this is by sharing food. However, as many cultural and religious traditions have certain dietary requirements, it can sometimes be tricky knowing what foods to serve. <br> <br>
Therefore QFCC has put together this little booklet. Of course, individuals within a tradition may adhere more or less strictly to their particular dietary requirements. If you know your guests well, it is a simple matter of asking them! This could lead to some very interesting conversations. QFCC Website: www.qfcc.org.au


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The Inclusion initiative is committed to identifying and removing barriers of exclusion within the Archdiocese of Brisbane –  whether that be unconscious or conscious, institutional or individual – through fostering strategies of engagement, empowerment, equality, and equity.

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We acknowledge and pay respect to Traditional Custodians on whose land we walk, live and worship. 

We acknowledge all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

We aim to create a ‘unity which is never uniformity, but a multifaceted and inviting harmony' .

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