multicultural pastoral care

“The People of God is incarnate in the peoples of the earth, each of which has its own culture. The concept of culture is valuable for grasping the various expressions of the Christian life present in God’s people.” – Pope Francis, Evangelii Gaudium 115

justice and peace

Working for justice and peace in our world is an essential dimension of our Christian mission. The Gospel is about loving God. To the extent that God reigns in our hearts, the life of society will be a setting for universal justice and peace.

laudato si' / ecological spirituality

Pope Francis’ encyclical on care for our common home, Laudato Si’, invites us to embrace a commitment to an integral ecology which recognises the inseparable bond between concern for nature, justice for the poor, commitment to society, and interior peace.

archdiocese reconciliation action plan

The Reconciliation Action Plan is a guide for all agencies and parishes to build respective relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to gain an understanding and appreciation of the effects of racism (systemic and casual); to acknowledge historical impacts of colonialisation on contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples; and identify opportunities to build new pathways. This will be addressed through a series of activities and learning opportunities.

christian unity

Jesus prayed (John 17:20-21) that all his followers, all Christians, would be one. The divisions and disputes between Christians through the centuries have shattered this unity. Ecumenism seeks to bring Christians together to love one another as God loves us and so to proclaim the Gospel. The Catholic Church is totally committed to this ecumenical journey.

inter religious relations

The terms Inter-religious or Interfaith refer to the dialogues and shared activities that happen between members of the world’s great faith traditions such as Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam and Judaism For the sake of world peace, it is becoming increasingly more important that these dialogues take place. The Catholic Church recognises the importance of these dialogues.

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We acknowledge and pay respect to Traditional Custodians on whose land we walk, live and worship. 

We acknowledge all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.