Whatever We Have

– Friday, Week 2 of Easter-

“Then Jesus took the loaves, and when had given thanks, he distributed them.”  [John 6:11]

We have all heard the various gospel accounts of this story many, many times. John includes unusual little details like “there was plenty of grass in that place”. At least we know the people had a comfortable place to sit!

This miracle doesn’t happen without the small boy offering his lunch to be shared. The child offers his meagre barley loaves and a couple of fish so that at least some of the people gathered can eat. Jesus does the rest.

Imagine what the boy would think as he looks around at the crowd eating their fill, all because of his willingness to share his lunch!

So often, we come before the Lord with what seems like a meagre offering. It feels like there is nothing to give. But Jesus takes our offering, gives thanks, and goes to work. Without our contribution however, he has nothing to work with. It is like those Christmas songs where the various people/animals come with all they have: a drum, a fleece, a sturdy back, a manger. Our God has a tremendous ability to make beautiful things out of our meagre offerings.

Don’t let the embarrassment of not having much to give, keep us away from God. Let us present the two mites we have, and let God use it for the Kingdom.


by Katherine Gilmore

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