Hungry For More

– St Catherine of Siena –

“A large crowd kept following him…” [John 6:2]

When did you last spend a day by the water, or for that matter, in the mountains?  What did you take with you?  If you’re anything like me you would have brought a bottle of water and a little food at least, but this is not the case with the crowd in the Gospel today.  They walked out of their homes and villages and followed Jesus up a mountain with little more than the clothes on their backs! 

It makes me wonder, what sort of hunger would compel them to do that?

Each and every one of those five thousand people experienced some sort of ache that day.  It caused them to recognise their emptiness, their hunger that only Jesus could satisfy, and so they followed.  Of course, Jesus miraculously filled their bellies but this was only a glimpse of how far He would go to give of Himself, for their lives and for the life of the world, through His death and resurrection.

Like the crowd in the Gospel, we are hungry too.  We all have parts of our lives that are empty and in need of Jesus – the Bread of Life who is the only one who can truly satisfy.  Let’s allow ourselves to feel our hunger today and ask Jesus to fill that emptiness, trusting that our God is a God of miracles and abundance!

by Chantale Wilson

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