St Joseph: Guardian of our Silent Prayer

– Third Week of Advent –

When Joseph woke up he did what the angel of the Lord had told him to do [Matthew 1:24]

Joseph was able to hear from God because his heart’s desire was to do what was right. This was demonstrated concretely when he wanted to call off his engagement to Mary to save her publicity and shame. His heart desired goodness and so when God, the one who is goodness, spoke, he had ears to listen.

When Joseph awoke from this dream, he does what the angel of the Lord asks of him (as he does following his three subsequent dreams). Not only does he obey, he now has new insight, he understands what God is doing, he is awakened to the fact that the child carried by Mary is no ordinary child. Mary holds in her womb Emmanuel – God who is with us!

This Advent let us follow the example of Joseph. Let us desire to do what is right, with a heart opened to the one who is goodness. Let us integrate Emmanuel into our everyday lives in a way that allows us to hear his voice. During prayer we are often challenged to put aside distractions in order to hear his voice. Indeed, silent prayer can often be the hardest prayer.  Let us ask for the intercession of St Joseph to be the guardian of our silent prayer, to keep us free of distractions, as we see him standing in images of the nativity; the guardian of the Holy Family, beholding the Son of God in the crib.

By Emma Fradd

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