The key is God's love

– Memorial of St Teresa of Jesus –

“[E]ven the hairs of your head are all counted.” (Luke 12:7)

Knowing God’s love is the key to understanding everything. God’s love unlocks the mysteries of our existence. It gives us the state of mind and the steadiness of heart to see things clearly, to gain and retain wisdom. God’s love gives us the motivation to grow in virtue and deepen our engagement with our immediate surroundings – key elements to living the good life. God’s love is not something we merely learn, like a data spreadsheet. God’s love is an experience.

Today’s gospel gives us this experience, in particular, the insight Jesus gives us about God the Father: “even the hairs of your head are all counted.” Jesus is revealing the profound love God the Father has for us. God can count the hairs on our head, and he already has! It would take so much commitment, true love, and perseverance to count someone’s hair! But God has done it!

So, when we face adversity, his love does not change. When God challenges us or chastises us, his love doesn’t flicker. His love is constant. But we must learn to interpret our reality through that love. Parents can relate to this. They love their child simply because it exists, yet how they express that love for their child occurs in a variety of different ways: through affection, discipline, protection and instruction.

God’s love is stronger than the love of any parent could be. And though a mother forsake her child, God will not abandon you (see Isaiah 49:15). When life grows challenging, reflect on the fact that God has counted the hairs on your head. Let that fatherly love of God be the experience that gives you the key to understanding all things.

by David Kruse

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