Say ‘Yes’ to Grace

– Friday, 1st Week in Ordinary Time –

Then some people came, bringing to him a paralysed man, carried by four of them.” [Mark 2:3]

Today we read one of the many stories in which Jesus heals someone in both their soul and their body. 

As we read the story of the man who is healed, I am struck by how remarkably little he does. We have no record of what transpired to prompt his friends to carry him to Christ, but we know the paralysed man didn’t get himself into Jesus presence. His friends bore that weight. We have no record of him saying any words. In fact, it’s not until after Jesus meets him and heals him that there is any action recorded on the part of the healed man. 

It’s a powerful and perhaps challenging reminder that the grace, mercy and healing which Jesus offers us is not an exchange. Despite what much of contemporary society (and perhaps even many of us) believe at times, we don’t trade good behaviour for grace. Instead, God through his goodness and his desire to encounter us is constantly offering grace, mercy and healing.  

Our only job is to exercise our free will and say ‘yes’ to receiving.  While the paralytic does very little, we can be certain that at some point he said ‘yes.’ God’s offer of grace, mercy and healing is constantly extended to us, but never are we forced to receive the gift. Out of his abundance, he gives and gives and gives, hoping we will take the opportunity to receive. 

Rest assured, you have a Saviour who longs for you to receive the grace, mercy and healing already poured out for you. How can you say yes to receiving from God today?  


by Madelene Wilson

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– 30th Week in Ordinary Time –

Insert Gospel quote. Eg. “And nobody puts new wine into old skins; if he does, the new wine will burst the skins and then run out, and the skins will be lost. No; new wine must be put into fresh skins.”  [Luke 5:39]

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by Peter Pellicaan

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