Bringing Others To The Healing Jesus

– Memorial of Saint Scholastica –

“They brought to him a deaf man who had an impediment in his speech.”  [Mark 7:32]

In today’s passage, Jesus journeys into non-Jewish territory where many ordinary people bring their concerns and sicknesses and that of their friends, to him. Jesus embraces and cares for those suffering from illnesses of one kind or another. He cures the deaf and mute man in a very personal moment as he moves him away from the crowd to attend to him one on one.  

Without his friends leading him to Jesus, this deaf and mute man may never have encountered God. Who are the friends in your life that are in need of Jesus’ healing touch and a personal encounter? How can you lead them to Jesus? Perhaps you could start by praying for them and presenting their needs to God. You could also ask the Holy Spirit to guide you to take an active role in your friend’s life. It may feel scary to be that Catholic who is a witness of Jesus Christ.  

Today we remember that when we were baptised our ears and mouth were blessed, so that we could hear God’s word and then not only praise God but also proclaim God’s love and existence to those around us.

Dear Jesus, please renew the gift we were given at our baptism and heal us of our fears that leave us mute and unable to share your love and message with the world. We love you. Amen.  


by Vanessa Comninos

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