Jesus The True Vine

– Wednesday 5th Week of Easter –

“Every branch that bears fruit he prunes to make it bear more fruit.”  [John 15:1-8]

A well known and loved Gospel reading that reminds us to be mindful, to be authentic and to be humble in our relationship with God.

But more importantly in bearing fruit through our lifestyle/actions as being reflective of God’s teaching – inclusiveness in action.  We are not alone in this journey as we show his Words in our everyday actions of kindness, truthfulness, forgiving, accepting, inclusiveness and welcoming the Christ in others.  

Whilst our constant struggle is to be living examples of God’s Word or fruit of his vine our action at times reflect our human failings.  The forgiveness of ourselves and recognition of our failing is witness to our intentions to be the living vine.  Allowing God’s Words to nourish us to grow more each day in love with humanity.

I pray that God’s grace is recognised and embedded in my actions, that my actions will reflect the true vine that continues to grow in my love of God, my eyes see, my tongue tastes, my ears hear, my heart feels and my spirit burst with joy of God’s creation of all things on Earth, may God Bless us as we strive to live His words in our day to day interactions


by Cynthia Rowan

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