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Parish Pastoral Council Handbook 3rd Edition



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Product Description

This handbook contains insights, formation and practical strategies for Pastoral Councils in Australia.

The contents (listed below) are offered in a spirit of guidance not prescription with the hope that they will be used in conjunction with other available resources.

  • Contents (130 Kb)
  • Chapter 1 Parish Pastoral Councils within the Life of the Church PPC (150 Kb)
  • Chapter 2 Role and Function of a Pastoral Council (190 Kb)
  • Chapter 3 Establishment of Pastoral Councils and Changeover of Membership (380 Kb)
  • Chapter 4 Operations of a Pastoral Council (230 Kb)
  • Chapter 5 Prayer and Formation for Pastoral Councils (160 Kb)
  • Chapter 6 Relationships of a Pastoral Council (160 Kb)
  • Chapter 7 The Brisbane Church: Promoting Pastoral Councils (150 Kb)
  • References (60 Kb)
  • Appendix Commissioning Ceremonies for Pastoral Councils (90 Kb)