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Lenten Program

2020 Lenten program: Be Opened – A journey to new life (Reflections on the Sunday Gospels – Lent and Easter Sunday – Year A)

Link to the Videos:

Please find below links to YouTube to view the Reflections and Personal Stories.

or view individually via the below links:

Reflecting the Good News:

Be Opened to a Personal Encounter: (transcripts also available to read)

Transcripts of Stories (PDFs) – All
or download individually below:



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About / Reflections / Stories / PowerPoints / Artwork / Promotions


Since 1976 our Lenten resources have been used by parishes and schools, both nationally and internationally.

This year the resources include seven sessions for groups or individuals, providing a process for reflection and discussion on the Sunday Scriptures during Lent and Easter Sunday. The program consists of a participant’s book, DVD/CD set or USB, prayer cards and poster. These are all available to purchase from our online store and bookstores from around Australia.



SAMPLE: Week 1 (final design may differ)

7 week program: 6 sessions in Lent and 1 session for Easter Sunday (64 pages).
Each week of the program includes:

  • Leader’s Guide and helpful hints for facilitating a group
  • Prayer (opening and closing prayers are in the book, music is on the CDs or USB)
  • Gospel Readings (book, CDs or USB)
  • Gospel Reflections (book, CDs, DVD or USB) with questions for reflection and sharing (book)
  • Personal Stories, ‘Be Opened to a Personal Encounter’, (DVD, CDs or USB only)
  • ‘Be Opened to Reflection and Action’ (book)


  • 1-9 copies $8.00 ex GST, $8.80 inc GST
  • 10-49 copies $7.00 ex GST, $7.70 inc GST
  • 50-99 copies $6.50 ex GST, $7.15 inc GST
  • 100+ copies $6.00 ex GST, $6.60 inc GST

Audio-Visual Resources

For the 2020 program audio-visual resources will be available on CD/DVD (box set) or a USB card.

Box Set of DVD and CDs: The DVD includes videos of the Gospel Reflections. After the discussion on the Gospel, the group watches or listens (DVD, CD or USB) to a personal story: ‘Be Opened to a Personal Encounter’. The audio CDs provide recordings of the reflections and stories as well as the Gospels and music for the prayers.

  • Box Set $16.00 ex GST, $17.60 inc GST.

USB Card: New in 2020 will be the option of purchasing the 14 videos and all the audio files (Gospels, reflections, stories and music) on a USB for playing in a laptop or computer.

  • $16.00 ex GST, $17.60 inc GST.

Prayer Cards

For each of the 7 weeks of the Lenten program there is a card featuring artwork for each Sunday with a prayer on the reverse side.
Supplied as a pack 50 cards for each week of Lent and 100 for Easter (total of 400 cards).

  • $36.00 ex GST, $39.60 inc GST.


To promote the program:

  • .50c ex GST, .55c inc GST.

NEW! App

For those who can’t attend a Lenten group there is now a great alternative that can be used at home or while commuting – the 2020 Lenten Program app. Includes: prayers; Gospels (text and audio) and reflections (text and video); Personal Stories (text and video). Does not include: group discussion material; ‘Be Opened to Reflection and Action’; hymns and rituals for prayer.

Install for under $3.00 from

  • the Apple App Store. Search: Lent 2020 Be Opened or
  • Google Play Store. Search: “evangelisation brisbane, archdiocese of brisbane” 2020.

NEW! Staff Prayer Pack

The pack consists of:

  • 10 copies of prayer sheets for the 7 weeks (2 pages A4 x 10 copies x 7 weeks)
  • Leader’s Guide (1 A3)
  • 10 prayer cards for each week
  • 2 posters.

The individual sheets will provide a simple prayer (10-15 minutes) for each of the 7 sessions or meetings. The prayers are based on the texts in Be Opened – A journey to new life. Does not include: group discussion material; ‘Be Opened to Reflection and Action’; and hymns for prayer.

  • $50.00 ex GST, $55.00 inc GST


We all have moments or times in our lives when we experience an inner closing of our heart, our eyes
and our minds to God. Jesus came to liberate God’s people from their darkness, from their fears, from ignorance and from hatred.

This Lent and Easter, we are called to be open to the fullness of life in God – to be opened …

  • to be led by the Spirit
  • to listen
  • to the living water
  • to see
  • to believe
  • to death
  • to new life


We are delighted to announce that the Gospel reflections for 2020 have been written and presented by popular speakers Dr Michele Connolly rsj (Catholic Institute of Sydney) and Dr Ian Elmer (Australian Catholic University).
Their presentations are in the book, on the DVD, CDs, USB card and the App for mobiles and tablets.

Dr Michele Connolly is the Discipline Coordinator for Biblical Studies with the Sydney College of Divinity and has been a lecturer in Biblical Studies at the Catholic Institute of Sydney since 2001.

Dr Connolly studied theology at YTU Melbourne, and in the USA, graduating in 2008 with the PhD from GTU, Berkeley, CA. Michele’s principal area of interest is the Gospel of Mark. In 2018 her doctoral thesis was published by T&T Clark, under the title, Disorderly Women and the Order of God: An Australian Feminist Reading of the Gospel of Mark.

Dr Ian Elmer is a senior lecturer in the School of Theology in the Faculty of Theology and Philosophy. Ian undertook undergraduate studies in Church history and theology and completed postgraduate work in New Testament studies, focusing on the Paul’s letter to the Galatians. Ian has subsequently published one book and several edited books, as well as numerous articles on Paul’s letters, Mark’s Gospel and theological controversies in the early Church. Ian is based at St Paul’s Theological College, ACU Brisbane, where he lectures in Biblical Studies. He is a member of various professional bodies, including SBL (Society of Biblical Literature), ACBA (Australian Catholic Biblical Association) and FBS (Fellowship for Biblical Studies).


Each week a person shares his/her personal story relating to the theme for the week. This section is on the DVD/CDs or USB.

You can also download a PDF print copy of each story below.

PowerPoint Slides

Download the following images to use in PowerPoint slides for promotion and then each week of Lent and Easter Sunday – available in widescreen and standard 4:3.
(Click on the image to open, then right-click to save or copy)

Promotional Slides:

Lent2020 Promotional Slide – widescreen

Lent2020 Promotional Slide – 4:3






Widescreen Slides for each week:

Lent 2020 Slide Week 1

Lent 2020 Slide Week 2

Lent 2020 Slide Week 3

Lent 2020 Slide Week 4

Lent 2020 Slide Week 5

Lent 2020 Slide Week 6 Passion Sunday

Lent 2020 Slide Easter












4:3 Slides for each week:

Lent2020 Slide 4:3 Week 1

Lent2020 Slide 4:3 Week 2

Lent2020 Slide 4:3 Week 3

Lent2020 Slide 4:3 Week 4

Lent2020 Slide 4:3 Week 5

Lent2020 Slide 4:3 Week 6 Passion Sunday

Lent2020 Slide 4:3 Week 7 Easter











The main images used in this year’s Lenten Program are original artworks from Sr. Mary Stephen CRSS.
Due to copyright restrictions these images cannot be copied or reproduced in any way.

For more information on Sr Mary and her artwork visit:

Sister Mary’s work is published by McCrimmons. Visit their website: to find banners,posters, cards and CD/DVDs.


Suggestions to encourage participation in the program:

  • Organise speakers for the end of every Mass. These could be participants from previous programs who could speak in a personal way about what they had gained from the program.
  • Ask group leaders to be outside of each Mass to invite/enlist parishioners into their group.
  • Place a book at the back of the church so that it can be previewed by parishioners.
  • If you use projectors for Mass – download the promotional PowerPoint slide (above) to use before/after Mass.
  • Include the website,, in the bulletin so parishioners can preview the resources online.
  • Ask group leaders (or potential group leaders) to come to a short training session. This can be as simple as a 30 minute practical session working through the components or elements of the resource. Start the session with the opening prayer from one of the sessions. Play the video for the ‘Be Opened to a Personal Encounter’ segment for that session. Use the Leader’s Guide from the book as an overview for this session.
  • We have A3 sized posters available for only .50c to display on notice boards and doors.
  • The weekly prayer cards give parishioners a ‘taste’ of the program – prayers, Gospel and artwork. These are also available from the online store in packs of 400 (50 cards for each week of Lent + 100 cards for Easter Sunday).


Please provide us with some feedback on your experience with the 2020 Lenten Program.

2020 Lenten Program Feedback