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Lenten Program

The 2019 Lenten program, Compassion – Reflecting, Sharing and Living the Good News, is now available.

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2019 Lent Program Survey

Your feedback on the program is appreciated and will assist in the preparation of our 2020 resource.
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The Lent program is a six session resource for groups or individuals that provides a process for reflection and discussion on the Sunday Scriptures during Lent. The program consists of a participant’s book, DVD/CD set, prayer cards and poster. These are all available to purchase from our online store and bookstores from around Australia.



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Easter Prayer Cards now available:

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Suitable to give to parishioners and visitors at your church at Easter (and throughout the Easter season).
(Sold in packs of 100)

The 2019 Lenten Program is now available as an App!

Download from the App Store or on Google Play for Android™ devices for just $1.99 (Search Lent 2019 Compassion)

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The Gospel Reflections have been written by Fr John Chalmers. Fr John is Director of Mission and Formation, Centacare, Brisbane, and has extensive experience in parish ministry, hospital chaplaincy, teaching and has given presentations across Australia. The opening and closing prayers have been written by Sophy Morley, Diocesan Coordinator for Liturgy, Diocese of Sale.

Week One – Gospel Reflection:

Week Two – Gospel Reflection:

Week Three – Gospel Reflection:

Week Four – Gospel Reflection:

Week Five – Gospel Reflection:

Passion Sunday – Gospel Reflection:



Each week a person shares their personal story of compassion given and received. The stories for each week of Lent are included on the DVD (Disc 1 of a box set of DVD and 2 audio CDs) or can be viewed below. We have also supplied a copy of the script for each story that can be downloaded as a PDF.

Script (PDF) for each story:

Video for each story:

Week One:

Week Two:

Week Three:

Week Four:

Week Five:

Passion Sunday:


PowerPoint Slides

Download the following images to use in PowerPoint slides for each week of Lent available in widescreen and standard 4:3.
(Click on the image to open, then right-click to save or copy)

Widescreen –

Standard 4:3 –


Take Home Section

At the end of each session there is some further reflection/actions for the week ahead. We have made these available as a separate handout if you wish to download and print to distribute to people who may not be able join a group:



Learn more about the artists for the main images used in this year’s Lenten Program.

  • Cover and Week 4: Return of the Prodigal Son, Hans Peter Feddersen (1848-1941)
  • Week 1: It Happens in the Desert, Georgina Furber (2018), Santa Teresa NT
    This is set in the loneliness/aloneness of the desert (The surrounds). The two circles in the painting depict the two voices speaking to Jesus (in his mind) – one for good (white), the other tempting him for what was not good (dark colours). There is a struggle between the two.The voice for good is strengthened by Ngkarte (God). The strong white lines between the two voices depict the strength pushing the other voice away, rejecting it. That strength comes from Ngkarte (God) who is with Jesus in the desert.“It happens in the desert” connects Jesus temptations with our own lives. We can experience the struggle between voices like this not only in the physical desert, but also in the desert of worry, loneliness, anxiety, pride, and when we think we are on our own. God is always with us to give us strength. We need to listen to God and rely on God’s strength in us.
  • Week 2: Transfiguration, Tricia Reust
    Tricia Reust is a visual artist working in most media, and has lived with her family on the Redcliffe Peninsula for the past 30 years.Tricia is a Master Pastellist with the Pastel Society of Australia, a member of several societies and her awards cover many themes and media. She is a much-requested workshop presenter and has taught throughout Australia and overseas.
  • Week 3: Luce Splendente (detail), Father Arthur Poulin
    Father Arthur Poulin is a Camaldolese monk, priest, and artist living at Incarnation Monastery, Berkeley, California. He holds a degree in fine arts from Loyola University.Father Poulin’s paintings have been extensively acquired by people living in his native California as well as throughout the U.S., and internationally. His paintings echo the Impressionists, yet he has developed his own original style. His landscape paintings reflect the stunning beauty, harmony and unity of creation, deep values that need to be celebrated and shared today.
  • Week 6: God’s Word to Us, Clare Young (2018), Santa Teresa NT



Suggestions to encourage participation in the program:

  • Organise speakers for the end of every Mass. These could be participants from previous programs who could speak in a personal way about what they had gained from the program.
  • Ask group leaders to be outside of each Mass to invite/enlist parishioners into their group.
  • Place a book at the back of the church so that it can be previewed by parishioners.
  • Include the website,, in the bulletin so parishioners can preview the resources online.
  • Ask group leaders (or potential group leaders) to come to a short training session. This can be as simple as a 30 minute practical session working through the components or elements of the resource. Start the session with the opening prayer from one of the sessions. Play the video for the ‘Lives of Compassion’ segment for that session. Use the Leader’s Guide from the book as an overview for this session.
  • We have A3 sized posters available for only .50c to display on notice boards and doors. (SOLD OUT)
  • The weekly prayer cards give parishioners a ‘taste’ of the program – prayers, Gospel and artwork. These are also available from the online store in packs of 300 (50 cards for each week)