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Called and Gifted

God is calling each of us to a unique purpose.

Every Christian, through Baptism receives special gifts from the Holy Spirit called charisms.

We do not know how many charisms there are, but a few of those found in the Scriptures include:

  • hospitality
  • leadership
  • knowledge
  • service
  • encouragement
  • teaching
  • writing
  • music
  • mercy
  • administration

Discerning your charisms can be a major clue in discovering God’s plan for your life and your role in God’s plan for humanity.

Knowing your charisms can help you make better decisions, simplify your life, excel at work, free yourself from envy and better appreciate your family’s gifts.

Our charisms are the channels God uses to enter the world. When we develop our charisms we become more effective instruments of God’s love.

For further information about the Called and Gifted course:

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Contact: Mike Humphrys at Evangelisation Brisbane Ph. (07) 3324 3440