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Prayer on Wheels

Prayer on Wheels is a mobile team of Spirituality facilitators who respond to parish and deanery requests for formation in prayer and parish reflection/retreat days.

A new initiative from Evangelisation Brisbane flowing from the 2014 review of the formation needs of parishes is the provision of prayer seminars in local parishes and deaneries.

‘One of the needs identified by parishes was to help Catholics grow in their relationship with Christ by exploring different styles of prayer’ explained Mike Humphrys, Coordinator of the Santa Teresa Spirituality Centre. ‘While some parishes organise an annual retreat day many Catholics need encouragement to experiment with new prayer experiences better suited to their stage of life or that of their family. Prayer forms that work for young children don’t suit teenagers while those who have retired often seek a more contemplative style of prayer.’

The beauty of the Prayer on Wheels seminars is the flexibility in the times and places they can be offered and the topics that are treated.

We would love to discuss with you any support we can offer your parish in formation in prayer. Please contact us.