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Plenary Council 2020

The preparation stage of the Plenary Council is now well on its way. Evangelisation Brisbane has been supporting parishes/communities with their engagement with the Plenary Council through the provision of information and resources. These have been emailed to parishes/communities in July and August 2018.

To further support parish/community engagement, we have drawn directly and replicated information from the Plenary Council website along with a few new resources. We have presented this in a different way that may support easier engagement for parishes/communities.

Resources from the Archdiocese of Brisbane Plenary Kit:

These resources are available to download and print. You can also order copies of the PDFs and Postcards (at cost) from our online store


Plenary Council – What do we need to do: YouTube

Listening and Dialogue Encounters Explained: YouTube


Evangelisation Brisbane is committed to supporting parishes and communities in the Archdiocese of Brisbane to engage more fully with the Plenary Council journey.

Our dedicated Project Officers are available to provide support, information and to facilitate Listening and Dialogue Encounters.

Please contact your Deanery Project Officer to discuss how Evangelisation Brisbane can be of support to you:

Project TeamContactDeaneries
Mike Humphrys3324 3450North CoastBrisbane Northern RiversBrisbane North East
Lorraine Wynne3324 3454North CountryBrisbane SouthSouth Coast
Rob Cosgrove3324 3442LoganBrisbane WestBrisbane North West
Carole Danby3324 3445Brisbane EastRedland/BaysideSouth Country
Troy Tornabene3324 3437CentralCommunities

You can also email with your enquiry.

If you have any questions relating to the participation of young people (13-30) in this listening phase, please contact Melissa or Steven in the Youth Evangelisation Office on (07) 3324 3440.

Click here to visit the Plenary Council 2020 Website