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Liturgical Ministry

Forming Liturgical Ministers of Gospel Joy

Evangelisation Brisbane in partnership with Liturgy Brisbane is offering formation for Liturgical Ministers. Completion of these workshops will have Archdiocesan recognition.

The formation will consist of three sessions (2 hours each) looking at theory, practical skills and local context. The first two sessions will be provided at a deanery or regional level. We are happy to negotiate times and places for these sessions. It is envisaged that the third session will be facilitated in the local parish. This will allow for the parish priest to meet with the liturgical ministers and for them to be familiar with local customs and expectations.

Session One: Liturgy – Understanding the Feast of Heaven and Earth – An Overview of Liturgy and Ministry.

Topics will include:

  • An understanding of liturgy
  • The centrality of Sunday
  • Living a liturgical life
  • Ministry in general
  • Liturgical ministry

Session Two: Liturgical Ministers – Serving the Feast of Heaven and Earth – Practical Session in two ministry groups: Ministers of the Word and Extraordinary Ministers of Communion.

Other ministries may be included, depending on need. Music Ministry will be directed to Archdiocesan formation sessions run by Liturgy Brisbane.

  • Spirituality of ministry
  • Reinforces session one
  • Ritual action in the context of the liturgy
  • Preparation for the ministry
  • Resources
  • Personal reflection on the ministry

Session Three: Parish Guidelines for Celebrating the Feast of Heaven and Earth

  • How does it apply in ‘our’ parish?
  • Expectations and customs
  • Parish guidelines

If you are interested in hearing more about this or any other support around liturgical ministry, please contact us here at Evangelisation Brisbane.